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ISPASS Technologies provides the missing link between your company’s operations and technology. Get ready to experience a level of performance, functionality and effectiveness that will help you grow your company beyond your expectations.


We offer all-encompassing solutions based on products adapted to the specific needs of our clients

366 System

An ERP Technology Platform that includes all applications required to organize your business, save you time and make you money. All seamlessly integrated between them.

Management & Organization

Organize and manage your business effectively
  • Business
  • Projects
  • Files
  • Safe
  • VoIP
  • Intranet
  • Company App
Management & Organization

Money & Assets

Manage your financials and all company assets
  • Money
  • Products
  • Employees
  • Company Assets
Money & Assets

Marketing & Sales

Manage all your marketing and sales aspects
  • Activities
  • Rewards
  • Portal
  • Client App
Marketing & Sales

Interaction & Communication

Manage all your interaction and presence with your clients and third parties
  • Website
  • Campaigns
  • Social
  • eShop
Interaction & Communication

Contacts & Others

Manage all your contacts and third parties. Organize your calendar and generate reports
  • Leads
  • Prospects
  • Clients
  • Companies
  • Third Parties
  • Calendar
  • Business Reports
  • Archive Center
Contacts & Others


A special module suited for Brokerages of all kinds
  • Client and Affiliate Admin
  • Client and Affiliate Portal
  • Client and Affiliate Marketing
  • Client and Affiliate Support
  • Client and Affiliate Mobile App
  • Wallets and Payment Gateways
  • Brokerage and Risk Reports
  • Business and Risk Mobile App
  • Full Integration with MT5


Our solutions can serve many sectors with special attention on brokerage firms


We use a combination of tried and tested technologies to develop cutting-edge software.

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